Affiliate Program Policy Rules

1. Eligibility:
- Affiliates must be at least 18 years old.
- Affiliates should have a valid, active account with AIBROKERTECH.COM.

2. Promotion Guidelines:
- Affiliates are encouraged to promote our software services using ethical and legal means.
- Misleading advertising, spam, or any form of abuse is strictly prohibited.

3. Commission Structure:
- Affiliates earn a 25% commission on each successful sale.
- Commissions are paid monthly.
- Commissions are applied to SaaS plans only.

4. Payouts:
- Payouts are processed monthly, provided the minimum threshold is met.
- Affiliates are responsible for ensuring accurate payment information.

5. Refund Policy:
- Commissions are subject to adjustments for refunded or chargeback transactions.

6. Termination:
- AIBROKERTECH.COM reserves the right to terminate an affiliate's participation at any time.
- Termination may occur in case of program abuse, violation of guidelines, or for any other reason deemed necessary.

7. Intellectual Property:
- Affiliates must not use AIBROKERTECH.COM's intellectual property without explicit permission.

8. Program Changes:
- AIBROKERTECH.COM reserves the right to modify the affiliate program, commission rates, or rules at its discretion.

9. Communication:
- Affiliates will receive program-related communication through the provided contact information.

10. Dispute Resolution:
- Disputes will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and AIBROKERTECH.COM's decision will be final.

11. Disclaimer:
- AIBROKERTECH.COM has the right to refuse affiliate participation without providing detailed reasons.

By participating in the Affiliate Program, affiliates agree to abide by these rules and guidelines. Violation may result in immediate termination and forfeiture of commissions.